What I´m up to now

I was in Utrecht, for Games For Health Europe, a few weeks ago, and had this great interview there. It gives me the opportunity to explain in detail about my company PlayBenefit, about Benergy (our first mobile app that’s about to come to life), and how I got until here 😉 Hope you enjoy it!


FDA expects to have a medical app guidance by end of 2013

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) expects to have a regulation for mobile health applications by the end of 2013. As they say, it will be restricted to those applications that are considered a medical device. Medical device apps include those that monitor the patient’s vital signs, as would be blood pressure or blood glucose.
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La FDA espera tener regulaciones para aplicaciones de salud móvil para finales del 2013

La FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) espera tener para finales de 2013 regulación sobre las aplicaciones de Salud móvil. Según dicen, van a restringirse en esas aplicaciones que se consideran un “medical device”, es decir, un aparato médico. Esas incluyen las que monitorean signos vitales en el paciente, como por ejemplo la glucosa en sangre.
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