Today it’s my birthday! And since the last two days I’ve been ill, I haven’t managed to post about this very interesting congress I attended on Monday.

AppsONhealth was held on the St. Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona, was free and it had free coffee during the coffee breaks, which was great to help attendees cope with the amount of information «thrown» at us during the day. For more information about the event, click here.

The first speaker was Chia Hwu, CEO in Qubop (@chiah) who talked to us about the different platforms and the chances of success in this industry, which is pretty and competitive. She introduced us to Mobile web and mobile app, gave us plenty of diagrams with sales numbers (apps and


Internet in the practitioner’s office.

Internet is a great source of information for patients and medical staff, games are starting to swift into an attempt to produce healthy lifestyle and there are applications in our phones that help us control some aspects of our health everyday. There is a lot to talk about and I promised a post about Health Games that I am preparing, but I wanted to share something about the internet and the well-informed patient first, something I wrote a while ago.
Today when people feel sick, they can go to the internet and learn what may be happening to them without talking to a doctor. After their research, they decide if they need to see a doctor, need treatment or even additional screening.

We have what I call «well-informed patients» now that know what they want out of the medical staff and installations. Before, usually patients were


Games for Health 2011 (eng)

I want to talk about Games for Health today, a movement that aims to bring serious gaming and healthcare together in order to contribute to more advanced healthcare. It started in 2004 and it promotes communities, knowledge and business development using cutting-edge games and game technologies to improve healthcare. In this congress you will find researchers, healthcare professionals and game designers come together to put their minds and share their knowledge about the impact games have on healthcare.