Games for Health 2012!

On December 1st 2011 I started this blog. My second post was about an important initiative in which I really believed: the first edition of Games for Health Europe.

Now, several months later and after a lot of hard work, I have just found out that I will be a speaker in that congress. I can barely put into words what this oportunity means to me, being such a believer in the cause and the need. I thought that such an occasion deserved a peek preview on my blog, so here’s what I will be talking about in the Games for Health 2012 conference.


Connecting the worlds of video games and health: How I got to know this movement

I have been a gamer all my life. I started gaming before I knew how a computer worked because my older brother whom I bothered for attention a lot, invited me to his gaming sessions (his way of giving me attention). At the time I was about five and would cry desperately because “oxygen” was running out on my character, giving my mom a couple of scares as well as my brother, when he saw his Amstrad computer wasn’t working because I had inserted one of my Candy cards in it to try to play a game. So, many years and games have passed, and when I was working for Blizzard Entertainment as a nurse it occurred to me that why not make health games. The idea came as I was writing advice on the intranet and I thought “this would be so much easier to understand and apply if it was a game” and it got me thinking. When I got home that day I did some research and


Games for Health 2011 (eng)

I want to talk about Games for Health today, a movement that aims to bring serious gaming and healthcare together in order to contribute to more advanced healthcare. It started in 2004 and it promotes communities, knowledge and business development using cutting-edge games and game technologies to improve healthcare. In this congress you will find researchers, healthcare professionals and game designers come together to put their minds and share their knowledge about the impact games have on healthcare.