As a nurse in the digital era I feel myself surrounded by possible careers that weren’t even mentioned in my university years. Serious gaming, blogging, Community Manager for health forums… Being a hospital nurse is not the easy way anymore due to the crisis that Spain is living at the moment, so nurses have to get creative.

 Como enfermera en la era digital me veo rodeada de possibles salidas que no se me mencionaron durante mis años en la universidad. Los “Serious Games”, blogging, el “Community Management” para los foros de salud… Ser enfermera de hospital ya no es lo más sencillo debido a la crisis que sufrimos, así que las enfermeras debemos de ser creativas.


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  1. Hi (me again!)

    Couldn’t see a direct email so i’ll leave my questions on here:

    Q1. How are health games trying to combat health issues such as obesity?

    Q2. Do you feel the interaction with games helps stimulate people to exercise more?

    Q3. Are health games the way forward in the gaming industry and will they reach a popular status to that of regular controller-based games? (Call of Duty, FIFA, etc)

    Any feedback from these questions would be great!

    Many thanks

    Sam Jones

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