3 tips for beginner entrepreneurs

That magic moment when you decide that you want to go ahead and pursue your dream, to change the world as you know it today, and begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you have many challenges, so here is a bit of advice that worked for me. In fact, at times it really did wonders, especially when dealing with people.

3 Tips for Beginners

1) The problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem.

We tend to make things bigger than they are, taking them out of scope. Keeping this tip in mind helped me take a step back and rationalize the problem objectively. Helps you to see where you’re going, the resources and strategy needed, and not see it all from your own personal prespective.

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2) Deal with frustration

I cannot empathize how important this is. What is frustration? Frustration appears when your team, your provider, your whatever, is not meeting your expectations. This might be for several reasons, but most likely, it is because they are not aligned with you. To prevent this, always, always, communicate your vision, a “why”, and a validation: «We are going to climb the mountain BECAUSE we need the resources that are only available on the top AND we will know we climbed the mountain because we will put a flag on top».

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3) Delegate the right way

I read everywhere that’s important to delegate. In my experience, it’s not about knowing what to delegate (that’s the easy part at least for me now), what I’m learning now is HOW to delegate. This is very related to point number 2 and can cause, besides frustration, mistrust with your workers. To prevent this, have meetings where you let everyone know the minutes (what you will discuss), provide the vision, discuss the methodology and the “why”, provide validation and write it down for the others and send it by e-mail after.

I hope some of these pointers help! I might be providing another one of this short posts in the near future 🙂


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