40 DGPR Congress in Berlín June 2013 – Videogames, education, Gamification and prevention

I was invited to do a speech about video games and gamification for the 40 DGPR in Berlin. I was the only speaker that wasn’t presenting on German! I was a bit worried about speaking in English in a full German congress but in the end it all went well, the public seemed pleased with my presentation by giving a lot of nods. Most importantly, it was the first time I spoke to a healthcare professionals crowd only, no IT, no engineers. This is a step forward as it means healthcare professionals are aware of the need to change and evolve with the new technologies.

Gaming for Health presentation



Congress e-virtuoses June 2013

I was invited as a speaker for the e-virtuoses congress in Valenciennes. It was a great congress and filled with interesting people, loved the networking environment and I had a lot of fun. I shared the discussion table “Serious Gaming & Gamification / 4 approaches” with Lucas Gillispie @PCSTech and Kevin Richardson @K_Richardson.

To access the video, click on the image or the following link: http://bit.ly/19MqBqN


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