Digital evolution and different ways of seeing it


This is a very short post and not really thought, but I saw something and I wanted to share it with all of you, maybe you find it an interesting debate as well.

So I came across a widely spread video about the “Google Glasses” which is pretty cool, it’s like having a smartphone with voice recognition, GPS and so on but implemented on your glasses so it reproduces all the information you need instantly in front of your eyes instead of the mobile. Most of you will have seen this video before:

Later on I saw this video and I thought “This is so cool!!!”. Basically I felt like innovation is there and when it happens, the entertainment industry just takes it a step further. So here is an example on how the entertainment industry can use this type of technology:

Pretty awsome if you ask me. So in all of this technologies I wonder, what about health? It is so cool we can probably do a lot of things with it! And so I kept looking and I found this which well, it’s an idea to start with but not half as cool as the others.

Google Project Glass creates a pair of Google Goggles – can you see the healthcare opportunities?

These are just a couple of ideas but I feel we need to see the bigger picture when planning the future of Healthcare, and I think looking into the entertainment industry is a great way to do so (maybe Battlefield “5” is not the best example, but you get the idea!).


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