What is Gamification?

Gamification is a concept taken from video games and it refers to the use of game design techniques and game mechanics to turn tasks/work into a fun experience. Today we can find the gamification context applied pretty much everywhere, from social media, marketing, business, education, health… It’s used in different contexts to motivate users to shop, learn, work, etc.

This concept was born around 2004 to gain popularity in 2007 to become a trend in 2010. Even though it’s a concept that’s quite developed and studied nowadays, and that there are many who have managed to do wonderful things with it, there’s still many who think gamification is about adding a badge system and achievements. There are many examples of gamification, I’ll leave you with a couple less commercial which hit closer to home for many of us.


Qué es la gamificación?

La gamificación es un concepto sacado de los video juegos, consiste en la incorporación de elementos de video juegos en escenarios «sin juego». Se usa en éstos escenarios para motivar a los usuarios a comprar, aprender, trabajar… Hoy en día podemos encontrar el concepto de gamificación aplicado en muchos entornos, como el entorno empresarial, márketing, redes sociales, de la educación…