Looking for a job…

Looking for a job. That’s been my life since I finished my master’s degree in September. The first time I looked for a nurse job, right after I finished in University with only my stage as experience, it took me less than two weeks to start my new job and two months to get a free weekend.

So, what has changed?

In the beggining of 2011 the crisis was starting to get noticed by the healthcare system. Small substitutions weren’t covered, then the staff was limited to a certain amount, until around mid 2011 some hospitals began shutting down and healthcare professionals being fired to reduce costs. When I finished my studies in September, some hospitals had signed agreements to reduce staff’s wages to stop the contract terminations, there were medical staff demonstrations due to the decacency the health system was suffering and when looking for a job in temporal recruitment agency they told me that unless it was due to a pregnancy that I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

But today everything moves fast and if you can’t get it from somewhere, you search elsewhere. So I used the confidence that traveling and living abroad has given me, my languages and I started looking for other jobs a nurse could do in this digital era, with all the new technologies and communication. Here I will share with you my adventures while facing this change of mind in my life and I hope to help many of you out there that face a similar position.


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